How to Eat in Peru-YouTube, Book, and More

I have many exciting projects in the works to announce:

  • First, I’ve teamed up with Daryl Wild, a  British videographer who I met on my first day in Peru to bring some of my stories about Peruvian cuisine to life.
    • Check out our brand spanking new YouTube channel
    • Update: New videos coming soon. We still have another five or six episodes from Cusco including a finale .
  • Long-form blog posts covering themes in Peruvian food will now be posted on Sunday. Some videos will have accompanying blog posts with bonus information.
  • We also have several new ways you can keep updated (pick your favorite)
    • FacebookIntegrates all of the other streams with a personal touch.
    • TwitterUpdates plus links to interesting articles around the web about Peruvian food
    • Google+No-frills updates
    • FlickrImmersive photo galleries of markets and restaurants around Peru
    • Instagram the best way to see daily stories about my culinary travels through Peru
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  • Finally, I’ve been pretty quiet about this, but all of this is culminating in a guidebook, How to Eat in Peru, coming early next year.  There are many guidebooks to Peru, but this a whole guidebook focused on the food-Peruvian dishes, ingredients, and restaurants. I travelled all over Peru to over a nine month period to do the research for this book.

Sample video:

Our goal is to tell stories about Peruvian food from many different angles and across many different mediums. I welcome all Peruvian food- everything from anticuchos on the street to high end restaurants in Lima. We want to capture it all!

By the way, the photo is one of Brandon (left), owner of Anticuchos Bran in Lima, and yours truly.  He won an anticucho competition against 300 fellow anticucheros and won seed money for his restaurant. He’s one of the many amazing people I met while researching this book. I hope that I can share his story in more detail in the near future. 

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