Breaking Bad, Breaking Fast Menu

I’ve only recently become a Breaking Bad convert, but there’s so much depth and striking details that makes it great source material for a dinner party. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the show, much of Breaking Bad’s plot revolves around meth and cancer and only gets more serious from there. It can admittedly be stressful to watch. Luckily, fans know how to have fun with pieces of the show’s mythology.

Since the focus of the finale party is on the show and not the food, I wanted to provide a simple spread that could be served buffet style. I already made Los Pollos fried chicken for a Breaking Bad potluck (adapting Thomas Keller’s recipe) so I strayed away from Chicken and Waffles. I instead decided to go with a breakfast theme since they eat so much breakfast especially in the first two seasons.

  • Huevos Rancheros with choice of green or red salsa (an Albuquerque favorite; I’ve heard that “green or red?” is a big questions around the Southwest)
  • Millionaire’s Bacon
  • Beans and Rice Belize style (hold the ricin)
  • Ice cream inspired by Humphry Sclocombe’s secret breakfast (a SF favorite)
  • Themed cocktail: Blue Persuasion (recipe to follow)

Any other ideas on how to work in elements from Breaking Bad into the menu?

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