About Project Dinner Party

The concept

Each month, we choose a theme. Then, we research recipes based on the theme, scour the city for ingredients, and then throw a dinner party. Along the way, we’ll share our successes as well as the failures (especially the hilarious ones). We’ll also tell you the stories of the people we meet-grocers, bartenders, cooks-during our research who help steer us in the right direction.

There’s already a number of quality food blogs that have publish recipes and tutorials for anything you might crave for dinner. This blog is a look at the process of putting together creative menus and learning new culinary tricks. I look at every aspect of throwing theme dinner parties-from the shopping (which seems mundane but under a different light can be viewed as a treasure hunt to the )┬áplating and eating.

Who are we?

We’re a loose collective of home cooks, bartenders, photographers, and eaters. The people involve in each Project Dinner Party vary from theme to theme. I would say we’re the Wu-Tang of cooking but that reference may be too dated. We’re not professional and do this a hobby/obsession. Ultimately, this is an experiment to see how far can take wacky dinner party ideas given limited time, resources, and training. We’re home cooks armed with the internet and empowered by adventurous guests.

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