99 Dinner Parties

The idea for this blog was born from the twin realizations that:

  1. Dinner parties have always been a central part of my cooking. In fact, my first cooking experience was learning to cook by cooking for forty people (a story for another time).
  2. I don’t have many pictures/records from my past dinner parties I’ve thrown in four cities in my ten of years of cooking. In fact, I tried counting the dinner parties I’ve thrown and lost track after twenty-five. I know there’s at least a couple I’m completely forgetting.

The idea for a food blog focused on dinner parties was one of those ideas that seemed obvious after you have it. And it turned out to be one of those ideas that blossomed into many more.

Being the engineer that I am, I instantly started a spreadsheet to track and categorize my ideas. Over three days, I generated 99 ideas for dinner party themes. While many of these will never see the light of day, I think that brainstorming as many ideas as possible will lead to more creative ideas actually making the cut.

Without any further ado, I look forward to sharing my dinner parties, one dinner party at a time!

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