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About the blog

My name is Sutee, and I want to tell stories about food and sense of place. To accomplish this, I  travel around different regions, work in restaurants, study cookbooks, and learn the local language so that I can ask locals lots and lots of questions. This blog captures stories that I find along the way.

This blog started as a blog about themed dinner parties (hence the name). While living in the Bay Area, I hosted a dinner party with a theme every month.  I scoured the Bay Area to find exotic ingredients for my dinner parties. Now, I travel to where the ingredients are.

I am currently trying to tell stories about food throughout Peru. Peruvian cuisine is incredibly multi-faceted so I approach storytelling from many different angles. I post stories everyday on my Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/projectdinnerparty/. Each week on this blog, I post longer  stories around a specific theme in Peruvian food (ceviche, potatoes, pisco, and more). At the end of this year, I will organized everything I learned into a practical guidebook for eating around Peru.

About me

I am an engineer turned genetics grad student turned programmer turned culinary nomad/writer. In September 2015, I set out to travel around the world to learn about food. I travelled to Peru, Oaxaca, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and then back to Peru. After bouncing around Southeast Asia, I decided to travel slower in order get to know each place better. My current plan is to travel to a new country every 4-6 months to learn about the local cuisine.

Growing up, I was exposed to two very different food traditions. As a Thai American family in Georgia, we enjoyed curries and noodle dishes on weeknights, thanks to my mom’s ability to adapt traditional recipes to what was available. On Sundays, I would be invited to friends’ homes where we would feast on Southern favorites, such as fried chicken and collard greens. These childhood food experiences showed me just how diverse good food could be.


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