4th of July Potluck

Last year, we celebrated 4th of July with a potluck, ‘Murica style. For my contribution, I made a dressed up version of Hamburger Helper. It was one of my favorites growing up. There’s something really American about the simple formula of hamburger+carbs=dinner in 30 minutes!

Fancy Hamburger Helper







I seriously thought about bringing actual Hamburger Helper but realized that it would cost more than the homemade version I came up with. I decided to adapt the Beef Pasta flavor (though it would be a fun exercise to adapt all of the flavors). After bouncing off ideas with my roommate, the winning combination consisted of Mornay sauce, shallots, fried onions, jalapeños, spiral pasta, and bison in place of the hamburger spiral pasta. The richness of the Mornay sauce contrasted well with the jalapeños and the fried onion/sautéed shallots combination ad4A1A2721ded flavor and texture.






I wasn’t the only one to go all out. Francois and Fei’s ambrosia tied everything together nicely.








Finally, the theme didn’t end with just the food. We set up a BB gun firing range in the backyard.








And made patriotic jello shots (what could go wrong?)

Patriotic jello shot

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